31 Days of Writing Challenge

31 Days {Day 24} breaking the silence

When I saw that the 31 day "WORD" for the Five Minute Friday challenge month was "silence" I just had to use the word as a part of my writing today! Breaking the Silence is what I stand for! I am a CASA for ATLANTA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). I am a court-appointed advocates for… Continue reading 31 Days {Day 24} breaking the silence


ANGER .. with no escape

Anger circled back around again Saturday later afternoon, just as the sadΒ emotions did earlier that morning. I think when we honor our emotions in some way or form; along comes out other things that were right behind it. Anger isΒ the emotion that I have the hardest time honoring. IΒ haveΒ felt and honoredΒ fear, sadness, doubt, confusion, hope,… Continue reading ANGER .. with no escape