• the tree’s that bend…

    March 17, 2012KarenBeth

    Today I experienced a road block in my writing, until now. This happens when I cannot reach anything inside, but I know there are things sitting there; waiting to be reached. I sometimes experience this in therapy as well. I will go into session and I am silent. I just have nothing to open up inside; even though there is a lot inside. Today when thinking about what I wanted to write, I was reminded about “the tree’s that bend”, and the photo that I look at everyday in my healing. This photograph of the trees is actually aΒ canvas that…

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  • the sunspots . .

    March 1, 2012KarenBeth

    I have had this story in drafts for months! I have waited for the perfect time to share this part of my story. Tonight it feels right – tonight I post another part of my story. Tonight it feels right on the heels of writing something so hard last night – to now write about something so graceful. There are only 3 people in my life who know about the β€œsunspots” story from my childhood, and what that means to me even today as an adult. The only 3 people who truly hold this close to their heart as a…

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