• a new kind of hope

    March 14, 2013KarenBeth

    In all the years I have been writing in this blog, never have I named the subject of the post the same as the name of the blog – but today it fits! I found a new kind of hope today. Today in session my therapist said something that latched onto something deep and it gave me tears so fast that we both wondered “where did the tears come from, and what do they mean?”. and I opened up…. I opened up about something today that gave both my therapist and I “a new kind of hope” going forward on…

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  • feelings of anger

    March 13, 2013KarenBeth

    I had big anger in session yesterday! I didn’t plan it, I didn’t really see it coming, but then again anger has been at the surface for a while now; it was just a matter of time before it found it’s way out to be heard, seen and felt. When I think of anger I think about holding onto a rope with a beast of some kind at the other end pulling and dragging me and not being able to get control of the rope. Anger is something I struggle with. I avoid it, swallow it, and find every way…

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  • giving myself voice..

    March 6, 2012KarenBeth

    When I first started this blog last year, it began in little thoughts. I started off using the โ€œphotoโ€ to tell the story of what I was writing, and then slowly it became writing the story, and finding a photo to help tell the story. As I continued to write and be inspired by a couple of people, I noticed more and more that my voice was being heard, and my stories were longer and more authentic to how I was feeling inside. In the past 2 months I have noticed that my voice is getting stronger and stronger. My…

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  • fearless emotions – take 2!

    March 5, 2012KarenBeth

    Much like Saturday morning, emotions found me when waking up – I felt frustrated and the question that played over and over in my head was “what is going on??” What is going on? I have been so strong for 2 months! I have had this over powering energy and I have been running full force into the light of my own path – what is going on!!?? Why are these emotions showing up out of nowhere? I moved through it this morning, and I also felt okay into the day. Driving to my session later on, I felt a…

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  • ANGER .. with no escape

    March 4, 2012KarenBeth

    Anger circled back around again Saturday later afternoon, just as the sadย emotions did earlier that morning. I think when we honor our emotions in some way or form; along comes out other things that were right behind it. Anger isย the emotion that I have the hardest time honoring. Iย haveย felt and honoredย fear, sadness, doubt, confusion, hope, joy, happiness, excitment,ย and wonderย –ย but anger is the one emotion I have a hard time getting close to, or touching. When I am angry, that is the one emotion that I swallow the most. I block it out. I do whatever I can to not look…

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  • the fear of emotions

    February 28, 2012KarenBeth

    Before leaving my session today, my therapist said to me, “either you are going to write the best blog you have ever written because of today, or you wonโ€™t be able to find the words”. It was that big! He was right about both. I at first couldn’t find the words, and now, as I sit with today, it’s all coming to me in a way that I have never been more present than I am now. Today I felt emotions so big; that eventually it slowlyย melted away the fear I have had towards emotions for a very long time.…

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  • the courage to ask

    February 27, 2012KarenBeth

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to write about this or not. However, I have always said, “this blog is about healing, and it’s about truth; It’s about my journey going forward”. Every entry I post is one step closer to my true self. Everyday I try and remind myself that every truth spoken, is another foothold to the next. So with that being said – I faced a difficult question that has been pressing me for a very very long time. A question that I have been utterly afraid to ask and talk about; and know the answer…

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  • resting in weakness . . .

    February 24, 2012KarenBeth

    Today was a day of awe-ness; a day where the hard work of 2 people, sat together and affirmed goodness, to the point of small tears. Today, in session, I read to my therapist the blog page I wrote last night ย –ย “My Story . My Journey”. He was one of the many people who liked the idea of me writing a small story about who I am for my blog audience to read. To read about the person behind the healing. I read it to him, and I didn’t expect to be choked up and tearful as I was reading…

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