gathering strength to move forward

This morning, when I woke up to get ready for church, I had a text on my phone from my support, and one of the things said, was:

โ€œI wanted to take a moment to remind you that in a place of taking a break from the flow of powerful, you are gathering more strength to move forwardโ€

I sat with that for a few moments and wow! That was pretty powerful words, and I have to admit, came at a perfect time.

Last night I had an emotional conversation with my sister on the phone about the past. We really touched some hard moments. It was a sister moment that left some really intense emotional feelings โ€“ for the both of us.

When I woke up this morning, I felt this heaviness โ€“ until I saw the text. It reminded me that this weekend was about โ€œhonoring how I feel, and being with those feelings; not trying to work against it.

I was also reminded that I donโ€™t always have to be so strong all the time, and that sometimes we just need to rest in the weakness โ€“ to gain strength.

I have to admit, I really had no idea how I was going to do that. I donโ€™t know how to โ€œbeโ€ and let it be โ€œOKโ€ that I am not feeling so strong. I didnโ€™t know how to rest in the weakness โ€“ until this morning.

I went to church, and for the first time ever during Mass, I wanted to get up and leave. I wanted to up and leave the Mass because I felt emotions and anxiety coming on around the conversation that I had last night with my sister. In that moment, I remembered the text from earlier that morning with the words โ€œgathering more strength to move forwardโ€.

I remembered our conversation Friday afternoon about โ€œresting in the weaknessโ€ โ€œrest in knowing itโ€™s OK however you feelโ€. โ€œItโ€™s OK to not feel strongโ€.

If I had left the mass, I would have reverted to my old ways. I would have gone to be alone, isolated maybe, but I chose to stay, and stay connected. I chose to be and not work against it. I let myself sit there and just feel, instead of using all my strength to figure it out and make it better.

When I left Church, I felt a sense of relief. I felt relieved that I didnโ€™t give into the old messages to run, isolate, be alone, or fight against the feelings. I stayed and heard the liturgy of the word. I stood and sang, and I took the Eucharist and prayed to God for his support and strength.

I went home, relaxed, did some writing, and I even allowed myself to be pampered a little; even though the emotions were still sitting there.

Today I was resting in the weakness, and I have to say it felt good to not fight against it. It felt good to not โ€œfigure it outโ€ and allow myself to be in the moment.

I later on sent an email thanking him for the powerful and supportive words, and explained about my โ€œnot so goodโ€ morning, and I was told “it’s OK, your loved, supported and connected by all”.

Tonight, I am sitting here on my bed, laptop on my lap, candles lit, theย houseย is quiet, Iโ€™m having a piece of pizza, with the windows open, enjoying the cool breeze, AND I am feeling sad tonight โ€“ and itโ€™s OK.

I know inside that I am connected, and I am resting in the weakness, gathering strength to move forward in my healing.

I am right where I need to be.


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  1. Karen, again another blog well written. I think it’s good to rest, even in the sadness – I just wish you could rest in happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here is a hug for you


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