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Today’s word is: ENOUGH

Start: Years ago I couldn’t even utter the words “enough” or “I am enough”.

When I saw that today’s word was “enough” the first thing I thought of was this little hand made book that my therapist stapled together himself and gave to me one day in session – words of affirmation like the words “you are good enough” “you are worthy” “you are loved and cared for” “you are worthy of connection” “you are a good person” “you are not alone

I carry that little booklet around with me inside my agenda book, and whenever I feel I am not good enough, I look at that book and trust that my past is where I believed I wasn’t good enough, and today I am learning to believe I AM good enough.

It took me a long time to look at the book and believe the words, and today I am getting better at it.

My husband tells me many times through the day that he loves me, but I never thought I was enough for love, until just years ago when I started to learn that “I am enough”.

It’s not easy to turn that belief around when you feel your whole life you were nothing, and never good enough for others.

I am a good mom, I am a child of god, I am a good wife, a good friend, a good person, and that is good enough.

I make mistakes, I fall short sometimes, I have a past that haunts me, I go through hard moments in my healing that sometimes has me to my knee’s, but in that I have learned that I am good enough to be with that healing.  

It has taken me years to believe the word I am enough, worthy, or that I give enough or have done enough, and although sometimes I don’t feel these words to be true, I just pull out that small little booklet that was made for me, and I read the words “I am enough” until I believe it.


3 thoughts on “five minute friday – enough”

  1. So glad I stopped by from the 5 Minute Friday. I think I need a book like this! I still can’t look in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful. I’ve lived half my life and would like to live the rest of my days accepting the beautiful, loved, enough person that I am.

    1. Hi barbie . . . Its a hard thing to accept and be with.. it has taken me 30+ years.. it took me YEARS to even look in a mirror… I SO understand what you are going through, and it takes time. I have days I still struggle with it, but I work with it and work with it.. You are a beautiful person, God made you beautiful and someday you will see what everyone else see’s Thank you for coming by my blog..by the way I LOVE YOUR BLOG and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

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