• breaking thru the waves of therapy

    July 27, 2017KarenBeth

    A lot of people have asked me how I have managed to move through the hardest part of therapy to where I am today 10 years later? My answer has always been β€œIt’s almost like pushing past the hardest parts of the waves in the ocean – to the other side where the calm waters are. I have read so many blogs written by people who are in therapy who struggle with the process of healing, and struggle with feeling worse than actually feeling better! when I see that, I smile and say β€œyes, but that is normal, and it…

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  • This 10 Year Journey

    April 17, 2017KarenBeth

    10 years ago I took a step into the beginning of my healing journey – the beginning of finding my voice, the beginning to unfolding the many little pieces of pain and secrets I held onto since I was as little as 5 years old. 10 years ago I took a step into the beginning of finding what safe connection was – what a safe person to talk to was about, and realizing just how important my truth was, and still is. This journey has been about unfolding every piece of a secret kept for years that I held onto…

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  • a letter to my past

    January 26, 2013KarenBeth

    I cannot stand the way you control my thoughts and feelings! Many times you have protected me, but at the same time you have suffocated me. You have forced me to see things your way; but maybe now I want to see things my way. You turn the words “you are loved” into “whats the catch?” When people say they care and support me, you make me think it’s for a price. When someone says “trust me” you make me second guess – always. When people want to support me, you make it hard to accept, and if I do…

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  • My Life, Living With 2 O’clock. . .

    February 19, 2012KarenBeth

    One of the things that I had promised myself when starting this blog over a year ago was that I was going to open up as much as I could about what it is I go through in this journey called “healing”. My main focus at first was to slowly introduce my thoughts on many different things in life, and then slowly open up about my past, and then move into talking about my healing in therapy, and through connection. In the past month, I have been opening upΒ more and more here in my blog. I have alsoΒ been reading my…

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  • Grieving The Past

    February 15, 2012KarenBeth

    One of the things that has been most confusing for me in this healing process, is being told “you are grieving your past” and “you need to grieve the past to heal”. Why would I grieve something that was painful? Why would I grieve something that I wish never happened to me? Why would I grieve something that was so horrific? I have lost someone very very special to me, my Nana. She was one of the only people in my life that truly loved me unconditionally. Losing her I knew what it felt like in that loss. It was…

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  • Living Life with PTSD

    January 21, 2012KarenBeth

    My entire life, up to this point,Β I have always thoughtΒ deepΒ within thatΒ “this is the way that I am, this is the way that I have always been, and this is the way that I will always be. For the first time in myΒ life, I can actually say, “this is why I am the way that I am, this is not how it’s always going to be, and the most important part? –Β “this is not my fault”. I am a victim of child sexual abuse! The first part of healing, is admitting what happened to you as real, and true. You cannot…

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