• I am choosing {what I know}

    April 23, 2012KarenBeth

    I felt strong in session today as I stood and sat with my therapist honoring my anger. I was reminded today that my anger is right, and belongs to where it belongs, and not with me. Part of working in therapy has been about building that strong foundation to stand on. A foundation where I can have all those emotions and still be strong enough to stand. I have been going through a particular hard time with a certain situation and I realized today that, when dirt is thrown at you, and you feel that you are about to throw…

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  • rest in the {knowing}

    April 14, 2012KarenBeth

    Nothing is more comforting than just “resting in the knowing”. I was reminded of this today “rest in the knowing” – “find a soft place to land” “rest in what is true and real” “connection is all around you”. Today was a comforting day for many reasons. When I can rest in the knowing and feel completely connected – I heal. When I am walking on my path towards me, and I am allowing myself to be surrounded by those who love, care and support me and where I am – I heal. It’s no surprise that I have had…

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  • { connection } the light to my path

    April 13, 2012KarenBeth

    Tonight I am sitting here and things are becoming clearer. I feel more connected tonight than I have in weeks. I always have believed that “connection” is what serves a great path to my healing. Today I was reminded of that connection. I was reminded that nothing has changed in this hard place I was in. Nothing has changed in the support, care or love – it’s there, I just need to accept it and have trust in it. Sometimes I need to be reminded when I get lost in the hardness. I have realized over the years in therapy…

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