• rest in the {knowing}

    April 14, 2012KarenBeth

    Nothing is more comforting than just “resting in the knowing”. I was reminded of this today “rest in the knowing” – “find a soft place to land” “rest in what is true and real” “connection is all around you”. Today was a comforting day for many reasons. When I can rest in the knowing and feel completely connected – I heal. When I am walking on my path towards me, and I am allowing myself to be surrounded by those who love, care and support me and where I am – I heal. It’s no surprise that I have had…

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  • accompishment and celebration

    March 9, 2012KarenBeth

    Today was about accomplishment and celebration in my healing. Today was one of my favorite days inΒ this journey I have been on; regardless of still feeling sad and weak. For years in my healing, when I have gone through something hard to the point of feeling really weak and I don’t want to admit it – I tend to run off, hide and lick my own wounds. Sometimes, I care so much about my damnΒ independence that I won’t let people help when I feel REALLY weak. I have gone into disconnection because of it in the past, and that sometimes…

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  • building a firm foundation

    March 2, 2012KarenBeth

    I love this quote. I love this quote because it stands out for those who are healing from their past. I love this quote because it’s strong and stands true! This isn’t only made to be said for woman, but men also! I think about my own healing when I read this quote. It’s the same thing as “opening up a wound, and healing it closed with truth”. Each wound opened and healed, is another wound they no longer have control over. People who suffer from trauma can take the bricks that were thrown at them, and build a stronger…

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