• friday night – sitting with a book

    March 22, 2013KarenBeth

    Lately I have been on this “Brene’ Brown” kick, by reading some of her books (again) and watching her new video on “Soul Sunday”. My therapist actually just started to watch some of her TED talks, and listening to her podcasts, and we have been incorporating some of her wisdom in our sessions together; which has been really healing and open. I love Brene’ Brown! I have been reading and watching her stuff for a long time, and the first time I saw her video “The Power of Vulnerability” on TED Talk .. I was in complete AWE! I was…

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  • the truth about {shame}

    April 15, 2012KarenBeth

    I was watching a video spoken by “Brene’ Brown”. She is a researcher on “vulnerability. She speaks on so many levels about shame and how that is a huge part of disconnection in our lives today. When I watched the video, I could totally relate. I understand shame. I live in shame. I live in shame to the things that were done to me, even knowing it wasn’t my fault. Being sexually abused as a child leaves a feeling on your skin that you cannot wash away – shame almost acts in the same way. Shame is something that you…

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  • shedding the shame . . . .

    February 12, 2012KarenBeth

    This blog entry “Shedding The Shame” has taken me almost a month to write and post. I think deep inside my heart, there was this fear of revealing what it is that I deal with on a daily basis. I think I feared people seeing the vulnerability inside. Shame is a hard emotion to touch on, it’s one of the hardest feelings inside to talk about, or to understand. I recently last week received an email from a huge organization that helps abused woman and men, and IΒ haveΒ been asked to post my blog in their magazines and website. What an…

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