• sunday in reflection – thankful

    March 11, 2012KarenBeth

    I am starting something new for Sunday nights – a reflection of inner healing. I am a person of reflection, and I love using encouragement in my writing, it helps to move through the tougher days and moments. I am a part of this organization called “Waking Lotus” .. they encourage inner healing challenges daily, so thought I would bring it to my blog once a week on Sunday nights. Each Sunday I will put up an encouraging word, you can share it in the comments, email me, or just do thisย exerciseย alone.. see where it takes you! The challenge for…

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  • room for more goodness…

    March 3, 2012KarenBeth

    Yesterday in session we talked a little about this weekend and what connection looked like. We talked about what it would look like to write about something that wasn’t work, but yet very uplifting and healing in a “resting” kind of way. This morning, I woke up to an email from my therapist,ย with connecting thoughts, reflecting words about the great hardย work this past week has been about.ย Words withย some goodness and someย thoughts aboutย our workย and going forward, and also wanting to know how my Saturday morning was. It was very uplifting – but then, sitting at my desk,ย I looked out the window…

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