• the grace in letting go

    February 21, 2013KarenBeth

    It’s not easy to let go of something; especially when I feel so strongly about my convictions! It took me years of therapy and a lot of work to learn how to stand to something that is right and true when I have been wronged or hurt. I never knew how to stand up for my rights, or to anyone in my life before. I never knew how to allow myself anger when I felt anger. I never knew how to allow myself emotions when something has hurt me- and I did! Learning how to own all of these things…

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  • handing it over to be held…

    March 10, 2012KarenBeth

    For years in therapy my therapist has always said to me before leaving sessions “just leave everything youโ€™re holding here with me, I will hold onto it. You just go and be! Ok what? What does that evenย mean? Sometimes I wouldย get soย frustrated thinking, “yes that is easier said than done if youโ€™re not holding what I am holding”. Friday before leaving my session, I went over to my therapist with a hug and said “ok, here we go,ย I am leavingย some of itย with you”; I just want a peaceful weekend filled with goodness! I want to BE, I want to feel…

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  • “a child of God”

    February 27, 2012KarenBeth

    ย Have you ever heard a song that just touched you so much, that it helped you in times of weakness? I have one of those songs that I listen to when I need strength, and to be reminded of where I am, and what I am moving towards in this healing. That special song for me is sang by a “local” singer inย Woodstock, Anna Kay Toms. She used to sing at “The Serene Bean” at open mic night a while back ago before that place closed up. (I posted a link to this song at the bottom for you to…

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