• Tuesday at Ten {CHOICE}

    March 8, 2016KarenBeth

    Welcome to Tuesday at Ten! The Tuesday blog Link up where you have 6 full days to use the β€œprompt Word or Prompt phrase” as a part of your writing. Each week I post a prompt word or phrase and you finish the phrase and or write about the word chosen. write how that word or phrase fits you and your life or your thoughts. Whether it be just writing a story behind the word or being as creative as you wish using photos, poems, art, or graphics – whichever creative way you choose. You have 6 days to write…

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  • its a choice – my choice

    November 12, 2015KarenBeth

    Wednesday morning while driving into therapy, I was feeling a bit disconnected – I woke up not being sure I wanted to show up to session and be vulnerable to how disconnected I felt – I felt a bit quiet inside like emotions were right there at the surface . . . . . Then… 3 words came to my mind and into my heart – ITS A CHOICE! I have the choice to feel the way I am feeling! I have a choice to show up just as I am, and let my therapist connect with me and connect…

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  • letting {fear} write the script – no more

    December 5, 2014KarenBeth

    I saw this quote last weekend and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since! This quote really opened my heart and my mind to so many things around me; especially looking back on this hard year I have had. The quote was this: “Our eyes are not just viewers they are also projectors that are running a 2nd story over the picture that we see in front of us all the time! Fear is writing that script, and the working title is β€œI will never be enough”. When I read that quote it was like something huge…

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