some days – a beautiful poem

I love quotes, poems, words of wisdom, bible scriptures, journals, daily bible devotionals, words with meaning, inspirational blogs or anything that gives me a sense of understanding to move me through the many paths on this journey of healing.

I came across this poster the other day and when I read it, it gave me a little bit of tears, because it has so much meaning and truth to it.

The truth being that no matter what you are going through good or bad, sad or happy, alone or full of love, there is always GOD waiting for you no matter who you are, what you are going through, or how unsure life can be at times.

I will share this with all my support today, because even those who help us along in our journey – they too need to be reminded that they are loved – even the healers.

Here is the poem: Some Days

Some Days,
I can be strong, I can be weak
I can be proud, I can be meek
I can be gentle, or I can be tough
I can explode when I’ve had enough

Sometimes I laugh, Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I lose, but I will always try!
I always get up, When I get knocked down
And make a smile, out of any frown

I hope that God likes me, the day that we meet
If only for a chance, to sit at his feet
And be at his side year after year
while all the bad things just disappear .

So when life gets tough, and it’s hard to be strong
I’ll never forget heaven is where I belong.

5 thoughts on “some days – a beautiful poem”

  1. Karen – I truly love this poem, thank you for sharing this today and reminding me that although I am a healer to others, I too need to remind myself that God is always aside us, behind us, in front of us, and inside of us.

    Thank you for that reminder Karen – love you much


  2. Hi Karen – I love this poem, I agree with Jes, I needed to read this today, and it’s so very true.

    Where did you find this poster? I would love to buy it for my office


  3. Where can I find this poem,love bought about 3-4 from Walmart in the pass but can’t find it any more andlove giving this framed for friends,I need to stop and read it often!thank you

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