grace in a thousand forms

July 8, 2012Karen Courcy

I had a little frustration hit me today, and instead of reverting to my old ways of dealing with things inside, I found grace instead.

I read inside the bible and found the verse in 1 Peter 4:10 “Grace in a thousand forms”.

NO matter what I go through, feel, or how frustrated I may become, there is a thousand forms of grace around me.

When I read this verse, I was able to let go whatever it was bothering me, and move onto more positive things in my life, and surround myself with people who love and care for me, who fill me with hope and inspiration, who make me see the good and not the negative.

My therapist wrote me an email this afternoon and one of the things he said was “It does my heart so big and makes me smile that you continue to stay in connection”

It’s easy to stay in connection to those who have a huge impact on your life in a good way. I am the type of person who seeks out very good people to fill my life, and I sometimes need to remind myself of those great people in my life.

A quote that I have always loved by Harriet Lerner, and I saw it today on pinterest and it reminded me of grace and connection –

“Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others.”

I was sitting at the pool today, and as I was reading laying in the chair, a butterfly landed on my knee, and it stayed there for a while, and I looked at it, and the first thing I thought of was “grace”. The little signs that God is around and that he always gives you reasons to let go of the negative, and embrace the grace.

Grace is in a thousand forms.. through God, through words, through people who surround you with love – through butterfly’s and sunspots, and always my kids who make me smile.


  • Merida Kennedy

    July 10, 2012 at 12:27 AM

    Karen your message today is beautiful! I love what you mentioned about the butterfly landing on your knee…I like to call those kinds of moments “Tender Mercies”…your writing is inspiring! Thank you again! Merida K.

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