five minute friday {nothing}

Time-for-nothing Welcome to Five Minute Friday to where us bloggers are given a word prompt and write for just 5 minutes simply for the joy of writing.

No editing or backtracking. No need to be perfect. Just words freely flowing from my heart to yours. Set the timer and write away! Stop at the 5 minute mark no matter where you are!

Today’s Five minute Friday word is {Nothing}


next week is a time for “nothing!”

I have a week off with a clear schedule and that is very far and in between for me!

I always take a break the same time as others do in my life.. family, therapy, work I do, oldest boys out of school and next week I am really looking forward to having a week of just “nothing!”

I live a busy life! I am always on the run, always have someplace to go, always have something to work around, work for, something to do for others, things to tend to and care for and all he hard work I do… and then there are times I just take time for me.

Therapy and my healing path is one of the biggest works in my life healing wise. I work hard along side my therapist throughout the week and when it comes time when vacation break comes up in the summer, or around the holidays, its a shift out of emotional work and connection to healing, into an emotional shift to just “SELF” and time away to recharge.

I have begun to really embrace these moments I get time off when it happens.

I will take the week of “nothing” next week and I will write, workout, take some day trips, have some time for self to really recharge my soul and mind. I am not going on a beach trip till next month, so this week coming up will be nothing but just NOTHING! and I cannot wait to see what I do with that and how well I adapt to being able to just do whatever I want with no schedule or agenda.

Sometimes we just need some time for nothing … its healthy for the soul and the mind, but don’t ever let it disconnect you.

There is a difference.. you can be in a state of nothing and still be fully connected to all those around you, even yourself!


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  1. Ahhh…just the idea of a week of nothing helped me to breathe a little easier. I love this thought, “you can be in a state of nothing and still be fully connected to all those around you, even yourself!”
    Great job with this post and Happy Friday!

    1. Hi … thank you for stopping by my blog! I thought this blog writing was going to be hard, but it ended up being easier than I thought.

      Thank you again for your comment and stopping by today.


  2. For me it’s thinking “nothing”. My mind is always going. If it isn’t at work, it is planning, scheduling and organizing something. And it is always processing the work that I do with my therapist.

    There are times when I just sit down (or lie down) and think nothing…no reading, no writing, no computer or videos of any type…giving my mind a rest from the constant chatter and demands.

    Enjoy your week of nothing :)

    1. HI! nice to see you here!!! I would LOVE to think of nothing .. man I Wish I had that option! If you can go to that place of thinking of “nothing” wow.. I envy you :)

      Thanks for stopping by, always nice to see you here


  3. Dear Karen,
    Thanks for sharing. I love your insights, you write so well…lol
    Love Ziggy
    p.s I love the importance of staying connected..easy for me to distance when it’s hard and painful

    1. HEY ZIGGY! thank you so much for your really nice comment :) your sweet :) I hope your doing well


  4. I agree so much, my friend! Taking a break – giving ourselves the freedom to do nothing – is so healthy and vital and yet we tend to push it down further on our list of things to do, putting ourselves down further too! So glad that you are taking the time! Enjoy!!!

    1. Hi :) thank you so much! thank you for stopping by, as always love to see you here :) .. have a great weekend

  5. It’s a good reminder all around. Planning time for doing nothing sounds like a paradox. When I have done this, I realize that what I am planning for is time to listen in the moment for what I want to do IN THE HERE AND NOW rather than fullfilling a preconceived idea of what I should do. A lot of times that turns out to be self care and relaxation because those things always get put at the bottom of the list. But sometimes what I want to do in the here and now turns out to be “work”, not because I SHOULD do it but because I truely want to.

    Thanks for this nice reminder.

    1. wow, thats too funny, just as I was responding to your blog, you were responding to mine! this is my Saturday morning writing and catching up on blogs.

      thank you for responding with your thoughts, your thoughts always resonate with me.

      Yes I agree, a lot of times we put our self at the bottom and its important to put ourselves at the top

      I hope you have a great weekend :)

  6. I’m so glad I stopped by because this is an encouragement to me for this month I’ve determined to do a whole lot of nothing too. A great reminder to stay connected. Thanks, I needed that.

    1. Hi Lisa! thank you for stopping by my blog :) I am so glad I could encourage the meaning of SELF CARE :) I hope I can abide by it myself this week :)

      Thank you again for stopping by


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