February 11, 2020KarenBeth

    I am in the process of re-structuring the blog …. it should be done this week with a whole new look and a whole new way of writing… I look forward to connecting with you all with more writing and a lot more … STAY TUNED for changes to the blog this week! I have missed writing and look forward to the changes.

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  • Living in an unfinished story

    May 6, 2019KarenBeth

    Β As I sit here to write this blog writing, I am inspired by a quote written by “Rachel Held Evans” who sadly passed away from an unexpected illness last week. Her quote reads: “We live inside an unfinished story”. When I saw that quote this weekend, it resonated with me in so many ways, not only because it was written by a woman who was so faithful to her beliefs and her own story – but by how much it touches my own journey; my journey of healing. We all live inside an unfinished story; the story that God has…

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  • My 12 year road to healing!

    April 18, 2019KarenBeth

    It has been quite a long time since I have written a blog – and what better time to bring back my writing and my blog while celebrating 12 amazing years thus far being on this healing journey in therapy. Much like the new look and feel of my blog – my healing journey in therapy has also grown in ways I never thought I could grow, and I have an amazing therapist to thank for walking along side of me, and supporting me in each vulnerable step I have taken. The photo above is the room I have spent…

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  • Finding The Grace Again . . . .

    September 8, 2018KarenBeth

    Its been quite a while since I have written in my blog – I am reminded of that every day when I see all those who still read my blog, and ask me “when are you going to write more about your therapy process and healing?”It warms my heart to know people out there miss reading the process of my journey. Well I have decided to take that step again and begin writing again as I continue this amazing journey of healing I am still on. It will take a while to step back into the routine of writing about…

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  • 11 years to connection

    April 17, 2018KarenBeth

    It all began with a touch to the finger that started this β€œnow 11-year” journey in therapy. Today I have found what connection truly means not only to others, not only to my story but to myself. Today marks 11 years I have been in therapy with my therapist Andy and I can’t even begin to express how truly honored and blessed I am to be working side by side with one of the most caring and kind-hearted people I have ever come to meet. When I began this journey in therapy I walked in with already one foot out…

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  • We are important too!

    December 7, 2017KarenBeth

    When I saw this months cover of Time Magazine’s “Person of the year” – The Silence Breakers – The Voices That Launched a Movement” it not only struck an angry nerve for me, but it made me sad and frustrated! For YEARS people have been speaking out about sexual assault, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, rape and so on! I am not talking about just celebrities; I am talking about your everyday mom, wife, daughter, sister, father, husband, son, and brother. People have been speaking out more and more about sexual assault, sexual abuse, and even rape! I believe it…

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  • crying wake ups – what does it mean?

    November 16, 2017KarenBeth

    β€œThose who do not weep, do not see.”  – Victor Hugo I’m sleeping soundly, and then I find myself crying in my sleep, and when I realize this, I am wrestling and struggling to wake up out of the dream – and when I wake, I have tears rolling down my face and the emotions build even bigger as I continue to cry. I then realize, WAIT I just woke up out of a dream, why am I crying and why am I so sad? Sometimes I will stop crying right away, sit and think about it, feel puzzled on…

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  • 31 Days of Finding My Voice {Day 1} – The Challenge

    October 1, 2017KarenBeth

    It’s another year of the October “31 Days Writing Challenge” and I have decided to take the plunge! I have to admit. I was really hesitant I have to admit, I was really hesitant over whether I was going to do it again this year, its not easy writing every day for 31 days. Heck I have a hard enough time writing once a month! but I am up to the challenge, because this journey I am on, has always been about taking chances, pushing through, and mostly finding my voice. This 31 days challenge of “Finding my Voice” is…

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  • awaken memories

    September 17, 2017KarenBeth

    The past couple of weeks I have been experiencing very strong, vivid dreams and memories of my past when I was a little child, and it’s been incredibly hard to sit with these memories that have come to me in my sleep. I have written before about “crying wake up’s” that I experience once in a while – dreaming and then waking up crying out of my sleep. Well, its happening again only now it’s happening along with very vivid and strong memories of my past. The moment I wake up with a dream like this, I try and grab…

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