31 days of reflection {day 2} – self love

cup-of-self-loveToday (Thursday) I had the whole day to myself, I was excited for this day as the week leading up to this day was really hectic and full of so many things.

Its important for me to have a day where I can reflect and be of self care. Unfortunately today was not one of those days, today was one of those days that got away from me without any warning.

Today was one of those days where all the hope in resting and having a day for me was far from what it was.

Today was a day where I ended up doing for others and the more and more I sat with that, the more I realized none of the self care I was hoping for and longing for was not going to happen; hence this is the reason why I am writing my 31 Days post late.

Self care and having a day for myself is very important for the busyness of my life. I am trying more and more to give myself those days and realize just how important it is for me to make those days happen.

So, as I sit here and reflect on the day and what it wasn’t, maybe I can think about what it WAS, and that is: a day of being supported, loved and cared for. I have amazing people in my life. I have an amazing husband, amazing kids, friends, I have an amazing GOD who never gives up on me. I have an amazing therapist who I worked so hard with on this amazing journey of healing.

I have the ability to write for 31 days and connect with other great blog writers. I am connected even though the day got away from me and I didn’t get to do the things I wanted to do – but having the choice to turn that around and make the day what i want it to be.

I have the ability to make the day that didn’t work out a new day; a new day of making the best of the time that is here and making it a day of self love.

I am connecting on this day 2 …..just remember how important self care and self love is, no matter what that looks like. Give yourself time to be you and reflect on that in ways outside of your busy life.

I am also using this post to link up with Five Minute Friday on the word NEW!

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31 Days of Reflection {Day 1} Welcome

{ my 31 day writing challenge }  Hey Friends … as some of you know and some may not know, I have decided to be a part of a 31 Day Writing Challenge done by bloggers and writers all over the world.

Basically we choose a theme to write about for 31 days and you write a blog everyday for 31 days in October.

I chose to do this because I want to challenge myself to not only write in my blog when the days seem easier to write, but I also want to write when I am struggling to write.

I think being a writer, we sometimes choose to write when the moment is right, and I want to challenge myself to focus on writing whatever is in my heart, that is why I chose the theme “31 days of reflection”.

I will be writing a blog everyday reflecting on whatever is here, good or bad, connecting or disconnecting. I will write when I feel great, and I will write when I feel down. That is the whole challenge, and of course to connect with other amazing bloggers out there.

For those who are a huge part of following my blog, I will also still be running my Tuesday at Ten. I will still continue to write about my healing and participate in all the things that I normally do on my blog. That is the beauty of this writing challenge, it’s about staying on the same path, while adding a little something extra to challenge us.

This will indeed be a huge challenge for me. Not only to find the words every single day, but to discipline myself to take that time out for my writing every day for 31 days.

I am sure there will be times I am writing 5 minutes before midnight, or I will simply forget and end up scrambling for words last minute, but I look forward to what this will do to my endurance for writing.

So.. here we go! I am using my Day 1 as a introduction to what I am doing on the 31 days of reflection challenge! if you wish to be a part of this and join thousands of other bloggers out there, you can visit 31 Days

I am truly excited to meet the wonderful people in this challenge; people from all over the world who all want to have one thing on common and that is – to connect with others.

See you in day 2!

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