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The discomfort of uncertainty

When I am struggling with movement, or I am having a hard time connecting or feeling connected to myself, a lot of times I will wait for God to show up; I will wait for a sign or something to show up that will guide me in my next steps. Well, what came to me… Continue reading The discomfort of uncertainty

Healing Journey

Living in an unfinished story

As I sit here to write this blog writing, I am inspired by a quote written by "Rachel Held Evans" who sadly passed away from an unexpected illness last week. Her quote reads: "We live inside an unfinished story". When I saw that quote this weekend, it resonated with me in so many ways, not… Continue reading Living in an unfinished story

Healing, Healing Journey

We are important too!

When I saw this months cover of Time Magazine's "Person of the year" - The Silence Breakers - The Voices That Launched a Movement" it not only struck an angry nerve for me, but it made me sad and frustrated! For YEARS people have been speaking out about sexual assault, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse,… Continue reading We are important too!