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March 21, 2012Karen Courcy

When I see dandelions I think of “change”. I think of making wishes, and dreams coming true. I think of spring and a place for newness.

I told my therapist today that I want to change some things in my work and healing. Maybe try some things new to help this path to healing.

We came up with some great things and I am pretty excited to see where it takes me.

I am changing the look of my blog this week – another great change for the new season. I am changing my thought process and how I take things in, just like I did yesterday in breaking the walls down just as quick as I realized I was putting them up.

Sometimes when you are walking in the same path over and over, it doesn’t change enough for you to see difference. Something as little as changing a time of the day that you do something.

I decided to change some of my therapy appointments from usual early mornings, to late late afternoons. Time for me is everything, and so isn’t routine, and it’s been different, but a good different.

My son Ryan pointed out to me yesterday that I am a routine person. I go to the same gas station, pump my gas at the same pump, get the same drink, the same food, the same way of doing things. When he said that yesterday, that is when I realized that sometimes “change” is good.

Today, I ate grapes instead of yogurt. Today I tried on some clothes in the changing room which I never do!

Today in session I tried sitting on the couch differently, connecting differently, entering into things differently, even changing the lighting by shutting the blinds a little and seeing if that made a difference in the room.

Today, I took a new way home. I stopped at a different gas station. I came home and did some things different and ate dinner at 6:30 instead of the usual 7:30. I didn’t do my usual routine today, and that’s OK.

Today was about change, and going forward is about change. Sometimes when you feel your doing the same things over and over, you tend to get stuck, and nothing feels like it’s moving.

For me, in my healing, I need to change how things are done sometimes. It gives me contrast and gives me a different feeling of energy! It gives me a fresh new perspective on things.

Today, I feel good about that change! It’s a little scary doing things different. It will be different going into my sessions at 4pm instead of 10am. It will be different eating something new for breakfast every morning, or taking a new way to all the places I go during the day, but it’s challenging and when I am challenged, I feel more power over things and myself.

It’s scary to try something new, but change is healing, and anything that is healing, I am willing to change.

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